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Launching the Gangsta Vision Publication

"Expect to get your book out in a year from today," said Eric Koester from Creator Institute, the organization behind over 1,200 books published through their writing boot camps.

I certainly thought I could go much faster, given that I've already written a series on scaling product management and designing a career journey that I could expand upon to finish the book, in let's say, less than, three months?

When going to print, there are some additional steps in the process that you don't mainly experience with blog posts - copyediting, proofreading, citing. These activities sharpen your thinking and optimize your ideas for consumption.

But clearly, that wasn't enough to create a convincing manuscript. It had to be authentic, and I had to be prepared to share my own stories publicly.

This process was a forcing function for learning, and I shared many of the ways writing the book had already changed me.


On May 6th, I had my first conversation with Eric Koester. I've been on this book-writing journey for over ten months. Finally, the eBook, paperback, and hardcover editions will be available in May 2022.

Many interviews and stories didn't get into the book to keep the teachings concise and the book short enough to consume on a long-haul flight.

I wanted to share these "deleted scenes" leading up to that book launch.

Additionally, I will be writing an article series that touches on the book's core theme - the idea that anyone can break into senior leadership once you decide it is what you want to do.

The first series will be about "Creating a Roadmap for your Product Management Career," and I am modeling it on a talk that I am doing for the SF Bay Area Penn Alumni Association in late April. You can sign up for it here.

I will be posting across several properties, such as, the Blog at the Nimi website, and a newly launched Medium Publication.

Subscribe, read, engage, react and stay tuned.

Go forward and unleash yourself! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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