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Why this book is called Gangsta Vision

My book #GangstaVision has a controversial title. I know that, and I chose to keep this title because it has sparked debate and a conversation that needs to happen.

As a minority, an immigrant, or an underrepresented person, we enter foreign territory that has rules. And often people don't understand rules, nor the rules understand them. We just jump in and try to survive.

While my book was primarily written to help mid-career, product managers break through their glass ceiling and catapult themselves into senior leadership, it has a much larger mission, to create a movement where we have a dialogue about purpose, to help communicate and build a more common understanding of our experiences.

The more conversations I had about the movement, the more I was convinced that I need stay true to my conviction and commit to the title and change the narrative.

There's a lot that people can do for themselves and their communities if they commit to entrepreneurship, and focus on learning, development and growth.

Check out the video here:

💪🏽 Onward and #unleashyourself

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